Justin Timberlake built up an incredible physique for his role in Friends With Benefits.
In fact I am willing to bet that come the movies release on friday he is going to have one of
the most talked about physiques in Hollywood. Consequently everyone wants to find out the
Justin Timberlake Friends With Benefits Workout Program.

Justin is notorious for his washboard abs but no one knew he could be so muscular too. Timberlake
gained brawn while maintaining his lean attributes. As I expected he only added about 8-10 lbs of
muscle from his previous state. Despite a relativley small muscle gain the visual effect was huge.
By adjusting his workout routine, Timberlake was able to enhance his physique to a massive degree.
Justin Timberlake's physique is defined and built up with muscular shoulders, chest and back paired
with a slender waist. This is the look that girls find the absolute most desirable.
Not the physique of a overweight bodybuilder of football player.

Justin upped his training volume and tighetend up his diet for his shirtless scene of the movie.
Timberlake built up his muscles with plenty of time to spare. However he needed to shed a few u
nwanted pounds in order for his to look super sharp. Timberlake reduced his calories considerably
and pumped up his fat burning workouts to get incredibly defined. This is a proven way to get the
lean look. Cardio has been bashed a lot lately because many of the experts feel it is unnecessary.
These people believe that calorie restriction is more effective. Your weight loss will be much slower
unless you jack up your daily energy requirements with cardio. Cardio exercise burns a lot of calories
and can be performed for hours per day. With 120 minutes of cardio training you can burn well over
1000 calories. That is one of the main strategies utilized to build a body like Justin Timberlake. 

Justin Timberlake enjoyed basketball and other fast paced activites to burn fat while having fun.
Fast paced sport games have huge pros. Basketball and other sports have a component of high
explosivness altenrated with slow activity.

The high intensity intervals pump up your metabolism allowing you to burn more fat.
This will allow you to burn fat for the rest of the day. Combined with a good diet you will be
melting body fat like there's no tomorrow.

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